A creative jewelry for creative people



Anna Belyavina-Normand discovered the world of contemporary jewelry during her studies in Paris with jewelers Gilles Jonman and Alain d’If Esope who helped her develop her style and technique. Her creations are defined by exigency, be it in the research and reflection that prepare her projects or the great attention to detail brought to each piece. Anna’s unique work is the expression of the passion she holds for both technical virtuosity and exploring the world. Her creations seek to express a wonder of Nature, which she translates with words such as: enigmatic / timeless / alive.


While working on Haute Couture, Anna discovered thermoplastic polymer. This acrylic glass, discovered in the 1930’s, rapidly became an in vogue material for designers as well as architects. Anna Belyavina-Normand’s designs are exclusively created in thermoplastic polymer. This material, true chameleon, lends itself to a diversity of treatments: acrylic glass can be whittled like wood or thermoformed like glass.


Morning dew, spring showers, the snows of her native Russia…  Anna finds her inspiration in Nature. The incredible plasticity of acrylic glass is reminiscent of water. Sometimes limpid as spring water or opaque as snow, this material lends itself perfectly to the expression and interpretation of the metamorphoses of aquatic elements.


A single finished piece is the result of a long artisanal process. From an idea to a first model and then from model to first trial, many steps are vital. Each piece is patiently sculpted, polished, thermoformed, gilt and painted by hand. In order to create her jewelry, Anna is inspired by the traditional techniques of Venetian glass blowers. In order to obtain a patina effect, she applies gold leaf paper onto acrylic glass. Her limited edition jewelry collections are created exclusively in France.
Each piece is decorated with color pigment and enriched with gold, silver or bronze shimmer thanks to a metallic base. In her nimble hands, color gradients create pictorial effects and transform mere acrylic glass into the noblest of materials.